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Glossary of Federation Terms

Advancement Areas: These are areas that generally do not have a charitable part to the project and are more about improving our membership such as Leadership & Membership or about improving our image such as Communications, PR or Legislations.  Regular club report forms are used for these reports.  Narratives are just like regular community service type reports.


CFWC:  California Federation of Women’s Clubs, our State organization, and our mother organization.

Club Award Entry Form: These are forms all clubs use to report their activities for the Calendar Year, 2016. This form is used for GFWC Special Projects, GFWC Community Service Reports, and Advancement Area Reports.

Community Service Programs:  These are categories for reporting club projects & programs as established by GFWC.

District Award Entry Form:  The form used by District Chairmen to report the District activities and their activities done by that Chairman for their program for the   Calendar Year, 2017.

Dollars Donated:  Money given & or donated to another organization.  The funds must go through the club or district treasury. Gift Cards and items donated are considered the same as cash and reported as Dollars Donated.

Dollars Raised: Money donated to your club by members, the community or other organizations, or money raised at a fundraiser.  Funds must go through the club or district treasury.  Money is reported as the net profit after all expenses have been deducted. In-Kind items raised are converted to their monetary value and added to the dollars raised for reporting.

Dollars Spent: Money your club or district spent buying items for a fundraiser, paper goods for an event, postage, printing, food, etc.  Presidents you can indicate money spent on the Statistical Form in the Advancement Category.

 GFWC: General Federation of Women’s Clubs, our International organization or our grandmother organization.

GFWC Special Projects: GFWC has two special projects.  They are:  GFWC Signature Project Domestic Violence and Juniors Special Project, Advocates for Children.  They are reported on the Club Award Entry Form.         


CFWC Statistical Form or Stats form:  This form is provided to Club Presidents & District Presidents and collects statistics for the Calendar year, 2016 for all projects.  It is completed by the Club President or& District President or her designee.  The Club reports go to the District President.  Club reports are combined at the district & sent to CFWC.   



Project Title                 Hours                    Donated $               In Kind $               


In-Kind Donations:  In-kind donations are items or things not money. They are given a monetary value based on age and condition.  All new items receive full value; barely used items – suggested value is 50% of the original cost; and used items – 10% of the original cost.  Member donations and expenses are considered In-Kind Dollars if they do not go into the club treasury.

Membership Report Form: There is no longer a separate Membership Form. Please use the Club & District Entry Forms.

Partnership Programs: GFWC has established special relationships with other organizations and these have become our partners.  All partnership activities are included on the Club Award Entry Form for the designated program but may be in a separate section in the designated program on the stats sheet.

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