Executive Board and Officers


2020 - 2022 President

President's Message

The theme for this administration “Together We Make a Great Team” was inspired by the California Federation of Women’s Club motto “Strength United is Stronger”. Most everyone Is familiar with the Starfish Story where one person throwing starfish back into the ocean makes a difference to that one starfish but think what could be accomplished if every member in every club was involved, working together as one team.  


While our commitment is to community service another aspect of being part of the team is in the

friendships that are formed.  Vince Lombardi once said about the Green Bay Packers “They didn’t do it for the individual glory.  They did it because they loved one another”.  Orange District is a team of

members working together to improve their communities but at the same time forming life long friendships with one another and that is why “Together We Make a Great Team”. 

District Officers & Chairmen

Sandy Tessier

First Vice President, Dean

Colleen Jansen

Second Vice President, Membership

Marilyn Bennett

ThirdVice President, Ways and Means

Diane Lundquist Behrens

Director of Finance

Maria Sterk


Geri Walsh

Financial Secretary

Linda Queen

Recording Secretary

Katie Stewart

Communications Secretary

Natalie Skullr-White

Corresponding Secretary

Kathi McGraw


(949) 973-4884

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