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Executive Board and Officers
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2022 - 2024 President

President's Message

Let’s Aim for the Stars

Now is the time to Aim for the Stars. Look Up! Look Around! Look Out!
After two years of contraction, of sheltering in place and conserving, now is the time to emerge, energized and anxious to get back to normal, whatever that may be. Of course, we are creating a new normal. Let’s take stock of where we are now.

In spite of the difficulties of 2021 through June 2022, Orange District clubs overall gained 41 new members and donated over $260,000 to charity.

We learned new skills and new ways of conducting business. We kept in contact and retained valued existing members and in some cases gained enthusiastic new ones.

We discovered handy new tools and new technologies. We learned that these new technologies can make our meetings run smoother and enable us to communicate in ways in which we were unaware or reluctant to use in the past.

One of these useful technologies is Zoom. Using Zoom we can meet in groups, share ideas, conduct meetings and even fundraise remotely without having to travel. This administration we are happy to be able to meet in person for council meetings, however,
in an effort to cut down on travel and the need for paper, will be conducting all of our Orange District Board meetings using Zoom.

We also learned that by using social media and our web page we can reach a far broader audience than we ever dreamed of. Using our new technology we can share our stories and reach an untapped resource of potential new members.

We have begun using cloud storage and our website to send and store important information. You can find recorded meetings as well as club and district information on our dynamic website, Check it out often to keep informed, or to
catch up on something you may have missed.

This administration is dedicated to helping each and every club in our Orange District each its full potential. We are committed to sharing information and ideas to help you grow and visualize what is possible. At every OD council meeting, you will learn something useful and meet friendly women from other clubs.

So, here we go!

Look Up and see what is possible! Let’s use our new skills so we can contact, and attract women whom we haven’t met yet, but who are ready and eager to join us and share our volunteer spirit.

Look Around at the wonderful women who are our friends. Look Around and see the potential. There is potential for growth in membership, in fundraising, and in leadership.

Look Around and reach out!

Look Out! Here we come, all 20 clubs, full of renewed energy and bursting with new
ideas. Together, let’s Aim for the Stars.

District Officers & Chairmen

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Colleen Janssen

First Vice President, Dean


Linda Queen

Second Vice President, Membership


Natalie Skullr-White

Third Vice President, Ways and Means


Geri Walsh     

Director of Finance

RWC pic.jpg

Barb Murphy  



Gina Whinery 

Financial Secretary


Suzanne Vaugine

Recording Secretary


Carrie Knipfer

Corresponding & Communications Secretary


Maria Sterk


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