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Colleen Janssen

Welcome to the CFWC Orange District website. Whether you are a club member, board member, or someone interested in knowing more about women’s clubs, you are in the right place.


Some interesting information about how women’s clubs were started includes the story of Jane Cunningham Croly, who wrote under the pen name Jennie June. She worked as a journalist in New York, but was originally from England. She was ahead of her time, as there were very few women working as journalists.

In 1868, Charles Dickens was scheduled to speak at the Men’s Press Club. She was turned away from the club because she was a woman.

Deciding that women needed more opportunities for education and growth, Croly formed a women’s organization called Sorosis. There are a few meanings for this word, but most agree it means ‘to be bountiful and multiply.’ Her goal was to provide educational and cultural growth for women.

Imagine a world where phones were almost non-existent, very few automobiles in the country, no email, or easy forms of communication. Yet, Croly worked hard to gather women from clubs and organizations throughout the country to a meeting held in New York in 1890. Those 63 clubs formed the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, boasting almost 100,000 members world-wide.

With today’s ability to communicate within minutes to almost anywhere in the world, we are certainly able to accomplish amazing things to benefit our community and other countries.

Thus, my president’s theme: Be Like Jane…Get the Job Done!

Our members get the job done every day through fundraisers, community service projects, scholarships to help students go to college, donations to important causes, and so much more. You can help us make a difference in your community by being a member of a women’s club.

View our list of member clubs in Orange County in what is called the CFWC Orange District on our homepage. If you don’t see a club near you, contact us through this website. We will help you find a club.

If you are already a member, peruse this website for resources to help you and your club ‘Be Like Jane…Get the Job Done!

Colleen Janssen



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