Orange District Publications

The CALL and the PEAL

CFWC Orange District has two newsletters that come out at different times of the year, called The Call and The Peal. Check here for the newest edition of each.

Each of these links will take you to a pdf file which can be read online or downloaded.

2017/2018 2016/2017
The Peal, April, 2018 The Peal, March, 2017
The Call, March, 2018 The Call, March, 2017
The Peal, February, 2018 The Peal, January, 2017
The Call, January, 2018 The Call, January, 2017
The Peal, December, 2017 The Peal, December, 2016
The Call, November, 2017 The Call, November, 2016
The Peal, October, 2017 The Peal, October, 2016
The Call, September, 2017 The Call, September, 2016
The Call, Summer Conference, 2017 The Call, Summer Conference, 2016

2015 2014
The Call, November, 2015 The Peal, December, 2014
The Peal, October, 2015 The Peal, October, 2014
The Call, September, 2015 The Peal, April, 2014
The Call, Summer, 2015 The Peal, February, 2014
The Peal, April, 2015 2013
The Call, March, 2015 The Peal, October, 2013
The Peal, February, 2015 The Peal, April, 2013
The Call, January, 2015 The Peal, February, 2013