Presidential Charities

Autism Speaks

According to their website, Autism Speaks was founded in 2005 by Bob and Susan Wright, who had a grandchild with autism. Since then, the organization has grown into one of the world's leading autism advocacy groups. While their main goal is promoting awareness, they also fund research and advocate for the needs of autistic individuals and their families.

To read more about their advocacy efforts, go to their News Section.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

This Wildlife Trust was founded in 1977 by Dame Daphne Sheldrick D.B.E. in honor of her late husband, who found Tsavo East National Park in Kenya. Born from a passion for both the country and its wilderness, the Trust today is the most successful orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world. They helped to pioneer wildlife and habitat protection in East Africa.

One of the programs run by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a program that allows you to foster an elephant. As a foster parent you receive a certificate along with a profile and photograph of your adoped orphan, and a map showing where the elephant was found. You also get access to the "Keepers Diary" for your foster orphan, which may include daily entries and monthly photos. You also receive a collectable watercolor by Angela Sheldrick.

We encourage you to drop by the website for the Trust. There's a lot to learn, and a lot of little elephants that need some love and care.